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Why won't you ever starve if you're stranded in the desert? Because of all the sand which is there! So sorry, we apologize for the bad humor. But do you know what they call a type of cheese that isn't yours? Nacho cheese! Sorry, sorry. That's enough, honestly. This month being National Sandwich Month, Zojirushi would like to celebrate by showing you the fine art of assembling a sandwich--in different international styles! Don't forget to start with fresh made bread from your Zojirushi Breadmaker, then add these sumptuous ingredients to get a delicious taste of the world!
Nothing seems to personify the American sandwich like a classic club. Put these All-American ingredients together and enjoy one of the most popular items on any coffee shop menu.

Ingredients: Sourdough bread, roast chicken, tomato, lettuce, bacon, mayonnaise, mustard.

See Light Sourdough Bread recipe
Slice bread, roast chicken, tomato and lettuce.   Grill bacon and toast bread. Spread mayonnaise and mustard on the toast.   Assemble, cut and secure each with cocktail picks.
Bánh mì is the Vietnamese word for bread. These little submarines are so good for summer with their fresh vegetable filling. Their French influences combined with native Vietnamese ingredients are what make this sandwich unique.

Ingredients: Baguette, daikon radish, carrot, (for daikon-carrot pickles, salt, sugar, vinegar), mayonnaise, canned liver pate/spread, roast pork (use ready-made marinated pork tenderloin), cucumber, onion, cilantro, jalapeño, fish sauce.

See Baguette recipe
Julienne (3 inches) daikon radish and carrot (one small), then sprinkle a pinch of salt. Set 10-15 minutes.   Squeeze water from daikon radish and carrot, add (1 tsp.) sugar and (1 Tbsp.) vinegar.   Cut in half length and slice the baguettes open lengthwise, slather inside with mayonnaise. Toast 5 minutes with 400ºF oven, then spread liver pate, place other ingredients, drizzle fish sauce.
At high tea in England, these delicate sandwiches are enjoyed with teas that complement their subtle flavors. Have your own afternoon tea party and bring out your Zojirushi water boiler too--it's the perfect valet for your tea service!

Ingredients: White bread + English cucumber, whole wheat bread + ham, white bread + egg salad, butter or cream cheese, salt.

See Basic White Bread recipe
Slice cucumber, then sprinkle a pinch of salt. Set for 5~10 minutes, then pat dry with paper towels.   Slice the bread. For egg salad sandwiches, use cookie cutters to cut slices into your favorite shapes. Spread butter or cream cheese. For the rest of the sandwiches, spread butter or cream cheese on each slice.   Assemble the sandwiches. For cucumber and ham sandwiches, trim crusts and cut into triangles and rectangles.
The legendary story behind the Earl of Sandwich goes like this: John Montagu was given credit for inventing the sandwich when he asked his valet to bring him meat wedged between two slices of bread--the main reason being the Earl didn't want to interrupt his card game while eating his dinner. Holding the meat with his bread allowed him to continue his cribbage game without having to pick up a fork or get the cards greasy from directly touching the meat. Not the most epicurean of origins, but can we all agree, we are so glad he loved to play cards and eat at the same time!
It's All In The Name
What do you call those sandwiches that come in the elongated rolls? A Submarine? A Hero? A Hoagie? Those would all be correct, depending on what part of the country you're from. The submarine (or sub) seems to be the most popular term and might have come from New Jersey--depending on who you talk to. Hoagies are probably from Philly, Heroes from New York and Grinders from Boston. They are all pretty much the same sandwich, but it's fun to know there are so many colorful names for it.
The Most Popular Sandwiches in America
What would you guess our favorites are? A menu research firm actually did a survey on it and came up with a list, based on interviewing thousands of people who had eaten a sandwich recently. Turkey was number one, followed by Ham, then Chicken. The Sub was fourth, and also high on the list were the classics; PB&J, BLT and Grilled Cheese. What's your favorite?
Can You Define the Sandwich?
How would you define what a sandwich really is? For example, would you consider a Hamburger a sandwich; or a Hot Dog? How about the trendy Wrap, or a Burrito even? The state of New York considers a burrito a sandwich, and taxes it like one. But the state of Massachusetts disagrees, and settled a lawsuit between rival fast food restaurants by declaring that a burrito is not the same as a sandwich, so each restaurant could operate in the same territory because they weren't selling the same kind of product. The technicality appeared to be the difference between two slices of bread vs. a single tortilla. So that's got to be the correct definition--it has to be two separate pieces of bread, or pita, or whatever, holding the ingredients together as a portable food item; just like John Montagu intended it to be back in the 18th Century.
  Loaf isn’t quite picture perfect? We can help! Let’s first make sure our ingredients are fresh, then explore some common bread baking problems, and what steps can be taken to correct them.  
Collapsed or sunken loaf
(rising and falling)
Try – Reducing your yeast by 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon to start with, and using cold water. If you see an improvement but it’s still not quite there, continue to reduce incrementally. Alternatively, you could try increasing salt, or decreasing your sugar or water.

Short, dense and/
or dark loaf
Try – Reducing your flour* or increasing your liquids. You can always check your dough during the KNEAD cycle to make sure the texture isn’t too dry.

Lopsided loaf
Try – Reducing your flour* or increasing your liquids. If you’re using your own recipe, you may need to increase the recipe size. The minimum loaf size for our 2 pound bread machines is 1 1/2 pounds (BB-CEC20 and BB-PAC20), and 1 pound for our 1 pound machine (BB-HAC10).

Lumpy loaf
Try – Reducing your flour* or increasing your liquids. Check the dough during the KNEAD cycle—if it appears knotty or lumpy, you can add a tablespoon of water at a time until a nice, round ball of dough forms.

Unmixed ingredients
Try – Installing kneading blades before adding ingredients to the baking pan. If you suspect they have worn out, take the baking pan out of the bread machine and place the kneading blades on the metal shafts. Then, try turning the blades with your finger. Do they catch the shafts and make them rotate? If one or both doesn’t, it’s time to replace them.

Add ingredients didn’t mix
Try – Reducing your flour* or increasing your liquid. When the dough is too dry, add ingredients like nuts and raisins cannot penetrate the dough ball.
Still having trouble, or don’t see your baking problem listed here?
Please contact our customer service team for assistance.

* The weight of a cup of flour can fluctuate significantly depending upon how the flour is measured. Using the measuring cup as a scooper, or pouring flour into the measuring cup will result in more of the ingredient being used than our recipes call for. You can reduce your flour using one of two methods:
  1. Volumetrically: Fluff your flour with a fork or a whisk to loosen it; then, spoon it into your nested measuring cups, and level off without tapping or shaking.
  2. By weight: Weigh your flour with a digital kitchen scale (128g/4.51 oz. per cup for bread flour; 120g/4.23 oz. for whole wheat flour, and 125g/4.41 oz. for all purpose). This method yields the most consistent and optimal results, and conveniently cuts out the guesswork.
Steel Cut Oatmeal   Long Grain
White Rice
  Brown or
GABA Brown Rice
Maximum features packed into a minimum of size--cooks as little as 1/2 cup of rice or oats!
  Triple heater (bottom, side and lid) generate heat all around for even heating   Detachable and washable inner lid   Rinse OK nonstick coated spherical inner cooking pan
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