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As the summer days get hotter, there are 2 reasons to duck into the corner coffee shop--to get out of the heat and into the AC, or to buy a refreshing, tall cup of iced coffee! This summer, make your own iced coffee by brewing it at home. It's easier than you think with the Fresh Brew Plus from Zojirushi. It takes the guesswork out of how strong to make your coffee, so you get a perfect glass of iced java every time. For a coffee fan, it's the best way to beat the heat and stay at home.
Learn this first--how to make the perfect strength coffee for drinking over the rocks. No guesswork needed when using our Zojirushi brewer; and we'll show you how to make simple syrup, a sweet pairing for your coffee.
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Arguably the tastiest, if not the most exotic combination ever, coffee and chocolate are sure winners. Mix them in a tall glass over ice and you'll understand why people line up for this one.
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If ice cream tastes so good, flavoring it with coffee must be even better, right? Let’s all thank the genius who figured that out, because the world is a better place with coffee ice cream. We’ll show you how to make your own, without an ice cream machine.
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Chill your hot brewed coffee and drink it cold.
  On the Rocks:
Pour hot brewed coffee over ice and chill instantly.
  Cold Brew:
Slow brew in cold or room temp water, then pour over ice.
  Flash Brew:
A dark roast brewed directly over ice to instantly chill hot coffee. Also known as the Japanese Iced Coffee Method, used by our Fresh Brew Plus 12-cup Coffee Maker EC-YGC120.
Any coffee drinking country will probably have its own type of iced coffee. Greece has a frappé that is made with instant coffee, a Brazilian version uses cola mixed with coffee, and Italy makes an ice cream dessert drizzled with espresso (what else). And with the popularity of Pho noodles and Thai cuisine, we've become more familiar with the Vietnamese and Thai style iced coffees as well.
The Greek frappé is a foam covered iced coffee drink made with instant coffee (which may elicit groans from coffee purists); but it does have a back story. It was discovered by a representative of the Nescafé instant coffee company, who blended his product with cold water when he couldn't boil any hot water for his coffee. The thick foam on top is made by shaking with a cocktail shaker or blending with a hand mixer. The drink is then poured over ice and sweetened to varying degrees.
Despite being one of largest exporters of premium coffee beans, the locals in Brazil drink a less expensive and lower grade of coffee. They are also not used to diluting their coffee with ice, so you may find it hard to find iced coffee in local coffee shops. But they do have a cola float--mixed with chocolate milk, ice cream and coffee over ice, called Mocha Cola. Sounds delicious!
Curiously, the Italians are suspicious about consuming too much ice, believing that it's not too good for the stomach. But they do have a sweetened espresso drink called shakerato, which is shaken over ice, often spiked with alcohol and served in a stemmed glass. The shaking process creates a thick foam that floats to the top, creating an elegant cocktail. For an elegant dessert, there's nothing better than Italian vanilla gelato served with a shot of espresso drizzled over it. With a combination of the bitter and the sweet, this is an adult ice cream!
Vietnamese iced coffee, called cafe da, is traditionally made with a coarse ground dark roast, and brewed with a French drip filter device made of metal that sits over the cup. The coarse grind allows the drip through a metal screen without the use of paper filtering. The strong coffee is then blended into an equal portion of sweetened condensed milk, which is then stirred and poured over ice.
Thai iced coffee is called oliang and is usually blended with corn and soy beans ground into a coffee powder. The additives were used to compensate for a lack of coffee being available, compared to Vietnam. Thai iced coffee is brewed by a drip method as well, but with a cotton filter--a kind of cloth sock attached to a wire handle. In Thailand, you can find street vendors selling oliang in plastic bags with a straw.
Iced coffee water measure lines, Ice Basket
and Keep Warm OFF for effortless brewing.
Convenient Ice Basket takes the guesswork out of brewing perfect iced coffee.
Enjoy iced coffee brewed using the Japanese Iced Coffee Method for superior clarity, complexity and aroma
Hot coffee is brewed at an ideal 200°F for optimal flavor extraction, then flash chilled to lock in flavor and bouquet
Iced coffee water measure lines adjust the water-to-coffee ratio for stronger coffee that doesn’t taste watered down when drip-brewed directly over ice
Quicker and more convenient than cold brew and brew-and-chill methods—no more planning ahead
  Removable water tank makes filling easy and is fully washable.   Easy load filter basket swings out, with removable parts for easy cleaning.
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