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As you may already know, Zojirushi started in 1918 with the manufacturing of vacuum insulated products.
Based on vacuum insulation technology, we have since produced various kitchen, living and commercial products.
Manufactured a tabletop carafe, the "Pelican Pot", which was to become the basis of Zojirushi vacuum insulation products. The model changed from the portable bottle type to the tabletop carafe type. It became one of our longtime hit products. Succeeded in manufacturing high-performance stainless steel lined vacuum bottles, resulting in the debut of the stainless steel vacuum bottle "Tuff Boy". At present, we are manufacturing different kinds of bottles to fit the diverse needs of our customers.
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Drink spouts to fit different uses
Holds a larger volume, which is convenient for activities such as hiking, and the cap may be used as a cup. Personal size is just right for everyday use, easy to carry in the bag, and designed to drink directly from the mug. The bottle is designed for a quick drink during sports with an easy-to-drink spout.
Bottle interior treatments to suit individual preferences

We have a nonstick coating and electro-polished SlickSteel® finish to choose from.
Nonstick Coating:
With the nonstick coating, the inside is coated with nonstick material. With this treatment, the bottle interior resists odor and stains.
SlickSteel® Finish:
SlickSteel® Finish is an electrolysis polishing method, which gives the bottle interior the same characteristics as the nonstick but without the coating.
Colors that express
Certain colors require special attention in the coloring and construction process to achieve brilliant results without sacrificing surface texture.
A very popular but difficult basic color, we take the time needed to produce deep, rich blacks that still resist fingerprints--to which this color is susceptible.

As eco-friendly, personal beverage bottles become the standard, Zojirushi is committed to staying with current color trends for our products. We regard our vacuum bottles as fashion accessories as well as hydration equipment.

Designed for more ease of use
Slim, easier to hold. Drink opening lip is lined for comfort. Wide mouth makes filling with ice easier. Lid may be taken apart for easy and thorough cleaning. Entire bottle is washable.
Lighter, and more compact
Zojirushi continuously strives to design a vacuum bottle that is lighter and more compact by utilizing new technology that allows for minimal use of materials, and creating a vacuum insulation layer that is about 1mm in thickness without compromising heat retention properties.

Bottles are evolving to be lighter, and more compact, for easy to toss in a bag and carry along.

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What is vacuum insulation?
Vacuum insulation provides the best heat retention. Vacuum means the air between the outer and inner layers of the stainless steel has been removed to create a vacuum insulation. It blocks heat from transferring through air which greatly minimizes the temperature change of your drink.
What is heat retention?
Heat retention is the amount of heat an object can maintain for a period of time. A vacuum insulated
mug and bottle can maintain the temperature much longer than a non-insulated container.
On the left is Heat Retention. Hot beverages filled at 6am in the morning will still be hot at lunch. On the right is Cold Retention. Cold beverages filled at 6am in the morning will still be pretty cold at lunch.
Stainless Mug SM-JC36 / Heat retention based on water at a starting temperature of 203°F (95°C), cold retention based on water at a starting temperature of 40°F (4°C), both at room temperature of 68°F (20°C).
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The secret is to pre-heat the inside of the bottle before filling.

Watch the “TAKEOUT TEA” video.
The secret is to pre-chill the inside of the bottle before filling.

Watch the “TAKEOUT TEA” video.
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Hot Green Tea
Japanese Roasted Tea (Houjicha) Iced Green Tea
Iced Black Tea
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For people who have trouble choosing the perfect bottle for themselves,
we would like to suggest error-free tips on what to look for.

Choose by volume:
Choose according to its volume. Do you expect to hold your beverage all day long, or just for your commute? Will you be sharing with a friend, or drinking at your desk? You would want to be prepared with a larger capacity for gym workouts, camping or a picnic; but a smaller bottle might be enough for a commute, class or a walk.
Choose by type:
If you are going hiking, for example, a large sized bottle that comes with a cup will be most convenient. For carrying your drink on an everyday basis, an easy to carry, smaller sized mug with an easy to drink spout would be better. For a quick drink during sports, the cool bottle is ideal.line
Choose by color:
Choose by color that matches your bag, for example, or simply choose your favorite color. It's up to you, but take a good look at our selection because we have a variety of finishes and textures that look and feel different up close.

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