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Rice Cookers
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Think about how water was boiled before the electric water boiler was introduced and you realize how easy it has become. A kettle was used on an open flame in the old days, and various ways were employed to insulate the kettle to keep the water warm. Vacuum insulation was developed in the 19th century to solve this problem
and the dispensing methods have evolved since then to become the convenient appliance that it is today.

Zojirushi introduces the "Pelican" carafe, a uniquely styled thermal pot which took full advantage of the vacuum insulation technology that was started in the late 19th century. This popular design kept water hot for long periods, was easy to pour and looked attractive on the table. The "Air Pot" debuts as the concept of pushing a button on top of the water dispenser makes it uneccessary to lift and pour. The pump action product becomes an instant hit and the Air Pot® technology becomes synonymous with the stationary hot beverage dispenser, still used today in businesses and homes. Zojirushi markets the first electric Air Pot®. Although not vacuum insulated, this first Water Boiler had the ability to boil water and keep it warm inside the dispenser. This was a breakthrough in the keep warm concept that Zojirushi was able to cultivate with their rice cookers. A natural progression from the pump action electric Air Pot®, this advanced dispenser used an electric pump to deliver its contents. Literally a finger push of a button was all that was required to get a steady stream of hot water and a cup of tea at any time of day or night. Our "green" entry into the water boiler market, this is the modern hybrid of our original Air Pot® and the Water Boiler. Utilizing vacuum insulation, it reduces the amount of electricity needed to keep the water warm. Zojirushi has always been a leader in developing ecologically friendly products.
Whether it's a conventional kettle or an electronic kettle, the basic function of heating water is the same.
However, our products have the ability to keep water at different temperature settings all the time.
Our current water boilers are categorized into 2 different systems. One is a hybrid system that combines
vacuum insulation for higher heat retention. The other is a more conventional approach.

VE® Hybrid water boilers use vacuum insulation technology (like travel mugs) to keep water hot with very little electricity. They also offer a non-electric keep warm that relies solely on its vacuum insulation to keep water hot. Micom models now have a one-push button for pouring hot water easily. Also, several water temperature settings are available, to accommodate different purposes. Micro computerized technology keeps water at the selected temperature for as long as it’s plugged in.
Convenience is featured in easy to read LCD displays and a single-push button for dispensing;
safety is featured in a quick release magnetic plug, for use with peace of mind.

VE® Hybrid:
The inner container is vacuum insulated for maximum heat retention. It uses less electricity to keep water hot. VE® stands for Vacuum-Electric technology.
Electric Dispensing:
Allows you to dispense water easily by pressing and holding the “Dispense” button. No more pumping required.
Automatic Locking Feature:
Locks the unit from dispensing hot water unless the unlock button is pressed. Prevents accidental dispensing of hot water.
LCD Display:
Displays the actual water temperature at all times for easy reference. Also makes it easy to set the Timer.
Café Drip Dispensing Mode:
Decreases the amount of water dispensed to 60% of the normal setting, making it suitable for brewing coffee with coffee cup brewing attachments.
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How to manage a great cup of tea: start with good water, measure your tea leaves properly and use the right temperature water. Leave the water management to our water boilers.

Good Water:
Great tea is only as good as the pure fresh water you start it with. Fill your water boiler with clean drinking water.
Set Appropriate Temperature:
Use the optimum temperature suited for the tea.
Measure Tealeaves:
Measure the correct amount of tealeaves for your teapot. Before pouring in the water, make sure it's the right temperature.
Serve Tea:
When tea reaches desired strength, pour into your favorite cup and serve. The number of times you can brew from the same tealeaves differs with the type of tea. Change it out when the flavor and color become weak.
Tea is always best consumed as soon as it is brewed.
Why tea can taste bad. Adjust the strength to your preference.

Tea is too strong:
Too much tealeaves are being used. Brew new tea using a reduced amount of new tealeaves.
Tea is too weak:
Not enough tealeaves are being used. Brew new tea using more tealeaves.
Reheat tea:
Teas get oxidized over time. Its flavor and aroma also change. If your tea no longer tastes good, brew a new batch instead of reheating old tea.
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For people who have trouble choosing the perfect water boiler for themselves,
we would like to suggest error-free tips on what to look for.

Choose by temperature functions:
Depending on the purpose, different water temperature should be used. Different models have different temperature settings. Please pick a model that comes with temperature settings to accommodate your purpose.
Choose by size:
How much hot water do you use? Think about how much hot water you would use to brew tea or prepare instant foods, and choose the right capacity accordingly.
Choose by design:
We take pride in our product designs, in addition to the functions. This is one category where we do not have suggestions. Just trust your taste and choose.
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We are very happy to be of service to you. Many of our product users send us their opinions.
Our community is expanding, because of your opinions. We would like to introduce some of our Zojirushi family.

"The water boiler provides my baby hot water to warm up milk bottle in order to stay away using microwave to do the job warming up."
"I drink a lot of green tea, the Zojirushi water boiler I have is perfect as it lets me have the proper water temp at all times. Easy to use and clean, with NO water, just wipe dry. Excellent product."
"One of our friends from China living here in Houston area has an electric water boiler. Ever since I saw that used to make tea more quickly, I've wanted one."
"I use my water boiler for tea at home and D-mug for tea at work."
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