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Q1. Where can I order replacement parts for my Zojirushi coffee maker?
A1. Replacement parts may be ordered from our online Zojirushi Parts & Accessories page or by calling our Customer Service Department at 800-733-6270, M-F, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. Please have the model number ready when calling.
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Q2. Where is my nearest Service Center?
A2. Please see a list of our Authorized Service Centers to find your nearest Service Center. Please have the model number ready when calling.
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Q3. Why do coffee grounds sometimes overflow from the basket paper filter when brewing coffee? (For EC-YSC100, EC-YGC120 models only)
A3. Depending on the type of coffee or brand and/or color of the Basket Coffee Filter being used, coffee grounds may overflow from the Basket Coffee Filter. In this case, reduce the amount of coffee grounds, or try one of the recommended Basket Coffee Filters listed here.
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Q4. Coffee is overflowing from the filter basket, or is overflowing from the top of the carafe. What can I do? (For EC-YSC100, EC-YGC120 models only)
A4. The drip prevention mechanism may not be operating properly. Please make sure that the Drip Prevention Valve on the Filter Basket is assembled and attached properly. For EC-YSC100 model, also make sure that the Carafe Lid Valve on the carafe lid is assembled and attached properly. If all parts are operating properly but coffee still overflows, please contact Customer Service here.
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Q5. Why is my coffee maker sometimes noisy when brewing?
A5. The noise that you hear while brewing is caused by the rapid heating of water. The Fresh Brew Plus Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker EC-YSC100 is high-powered, and equipped with a long heater pipe that quickly heats large volumes of water, which may be perceived as loud.
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Q6. Why is my Zojirushi product box edge wavy and not straight?
A6. The method used is called “Edge Wave”. The waves help avoid hand cuts when handing the boxes.
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Q7. What is the warranty on my Zojirushi gourmet product?
A7. Please see our Limited Warranty for Electrical Products Page for warranty information.
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